What is cultural heritage and how does it contribute to our relationships with people?


In our exploration of cultural heritage and its ability to weave links between people, we have discovered a world of deep meanings that transcend the material and embrace the immaterial. Cultural heritage extends far beyond monuments, constructions and ancient objects. It delves into the very essence of who we are as individuals and communities, forging […]

How to build healthy bonds for emotional development?


The way in which we relate to others has a significant influence on our emotional balance and, as a result, on our mental health. When this environment is healthy, it facilitates safe and enjoyable interactions with others. Given how important it is to build healthy bonds with others, the question that remains to be asked […]

Activities for developing emotional intelligence in children in schools


Promoting activities for developing emotional intelligence in children is a crucial task in their education. This is due to the fact that this skill will provide them with the necessary tools to understand and to express and manage their emotions, which, in turn, will influence their emotional, social and academic well-being. In this article, we […]

Tourist places in La Libertad to visit in the summer


The region of La Libertad, in northern Peru, is a must-see destination for travelers looking for an experience that mixes history, culture, and a natural scenery during the summer. In this article, we present to you five tourist places in La Libertad that you can’t miss. The El Brujo Archaeological Complex Located in the district […]

Expert artisans will share their knowledge at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex


With the purpose of strengthening its ties with the community, the Wiese Foundation developed the series “Know-hows of my Community”, an initiative that aims to preserve and share communal knowledge, such as the artisanal work of Ascope, La Libertad.  On December 3, free exhibitions will be held for the community at the El Brujo Archaeological […]

Conoce las habilidades que necesitas para emprender

Conoce las habilidades que necesitas para emprender

In the competitive world of business, the word “entrepreneurship” has taken on a special meaning in recent years. Entrepreneurs are people who decide to start a business, despite the risks that this can represent. However, for a business endeavor to have a higher success rate, they must know the market that they want to penetrate […]

How to teach children to take care of the environment


As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we play a crucial role in encouraging and teaching the importance of caring for the environment to our children or pupils. Every little act in favor of conservation is valuable, and it is essential that children understand that damaging or destroying the environment harms ourselves, others, and future generations.  Every […]

The importance of values in citizen education


In today’s society, the importance of values in civic education is undeniable. Values manifest the awareness that we, as human beings, have formed about what is good and bad; therefore. They are, therefore, fundamental for the development of committed and ethical individuals who contribute to the common welfare.   What are universal values and what is […]