Educational Quality Program Closing Event 2019 was held in Pachacámac

08 Jan

The Wiese Foundation held, as every year, the closing event of the  “Educational Quality: better school climate, better learning” program. The event was attended by principals, principals assistants, and teachers from the 13 public schools which work in partnership with Wiese Foundation, with the goal of improving the classroom climate to favor coexistence and the development of better teaching and learning in students.

The closing event took place at I.E. 6006 of Pachacámac, a district located in the south of Lima, and was attended by representatives of the different educational centers involved, as well as the General Manager of the Wiese Foundation, Ingrid Claudet, who mentioned the importance of opening these spaces for educational dialogues in schools:

“We appreciate the work that everyone does in the classroom, which is the place where the destinies of societies are transformed. These are intimate spaces, where the citizens of Peru and the future, are trained. The program allows us to help them fulfill better their work”.

Nicole Perret, General Manager of Gnosis, an allied institution of the Wiese Foundation, said that 2020 will be the year of the program consolidation, and in which they will need the greatest commitment of all.

“Thanks to the program, the teaching staff has learned important concepts such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, etc. We are pleased to know how these imparted tools are penetrating in the good climate of the schools”.

Important recognition to teachers

The closing event of Educational Quality was conducive to provide well-deserved recognition to outstanding teachers in the development of emotional skills. Likewise, teachers who excelled in the performance of accompaniment were recognized.

Thanks from the school authorities

Gloria Heredia Muñoz, principal of the “6007 School” in Pachacámac, thanked the Wiese Foundation for the help provided to educational institutions.

“Teachers and managers have learned to manage various strategies, for example, how to promote empathy, strengthen assertive communication, all the tools that allowed us to improve the climate which is the basic condition for generating learning.”

Miguel Ángel Egúsquiza, principal of the “6006 School” in the same district, said that the workshops should be taught in all schools.

“These workshops help us a lot, it gives us the tools that allow us to have healthy schools”.

Teachers, principals and principals assistants, have learned in the workshops to recognize their skills, to have another look for the students showing them that a good school climate is much better for working and learning harmoniously. If you want to know more about the Educational Quality Program, enter here: