Five social programs rethought to directly contribute to the national emergency

13 Jul

  • The Wiese Foundation directs all its efforts to contribute to the government and the most vulnerable populations in responding to the COVID-19 serious consequences.

Since the COVID-19 virus unleashed in national territory, the Wiese Foundation reframed its programs to find the best way to contribute to the difficult situation, one that is unprecedented in national and world history.

Through its Humanitarian Aid Program, the Foundation decided to rapidly articulate a network of institutional collaboration to ensure that it effectively brings aid to the doctors, the personnel of health and law enforcement agencies, as well as to the victims of the virus. Additionally, the Humanitarian Aid Program assisted 5156 vulnerable families in the most affected regions of the country. 

On the other hand, the Government’s regulation in the Education Sector did not allow the Foundation’s Educational Quality Program to take place, since it prohibited the active intervention and training in schools throughout the year. We reframed our programs with the help of MINEDU so that we could implement the Learning at Home strategies and include the insight of pedagogical specialists and coaches. The new version is digitalized, which allows teachers to access the program. Moreover, we have the ability to extend our network and benefit more teachers than before, as the online platform is open to everyone.

The digital version of the Wiese Foundation Educational Quality Program includes a carefully designed combination of socio-emotional support videos, parenting advice, relaxation, breathing, and movement techniques, as well as TIC’s training for school teachers and school directors. Through the power of the internet, the video participants have become the protagonists of the video series Growing up among Teachers. Wiese Foundation exhibits their valuable work that we cherish. We express our gratitude for their greats that have allowed students to continue learning during times of crisis.  

Like the Educational Quality Program, the academic information of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex and the Wiese Foundation’s flagship program has been updated with the help of a multifunctional team of specialists, where our archaeologists play a central role. All these contents have been formally made available to the Ministry of Education.

Our social innovation program, the Entrepreneur Fund, has been used as a platform to assist the most vulnerable companies in our portfolio. We have successfully supported these companies during the crisis. Finally, the four-month postponement in the payment of the beneficiaries of the Educational Credit program has helped 123 talented young people to conclude their technical careers and access the labor market.

At the Wiese Foundation, we strongly believe that we need to be the best version of ourselves to shape Peru’s future. We know that this crisis will pass and when that happens, we will continue to work on creating a more supportive and equitable country, where we Peruvians feel proud of who we are.