How do I apply for the Wiese Foundation Educational Credit Program?

24 Jan

Let new trees come and give new flowers and new fruits!, said once the Peruvian thinker Manuel González Prada, referring to the fundamental role of young people in the country development, especially if they are boys and girls who are fertile lands for knowledge, but who in many cases, their fruits wilt because the lack of financial resources to continue their professional studies.

With them in its thoughts, Wiese Foundation has the Educational Credit Program which helps finance the studies of talented Peruvians, allowing them to transform their lives and their families as well.

How does the Wiese Foundation Educational Credit Program work?

The program aims, at the moment, for students of technical careers of SENATI Lima, of 4th and 5th semester, to whom it offers the financing of the second half of their career. The Program adapts the monthly disbursements that its beneficiaries must pay for their studies, to their real possibilities of payment.

The financing is granted to the student as a loan, money that must be returned so that the program keeps helping other students eager to complete their professional careers.

In addition, the Educational Credit Program offers its beneficiaries workshops to develop their socio-emotional skills, as well as a permanent emotional support and support system, until the completion of their studies.

Keep in mind that Wiese Foundation offers:

  • Personalized advice in the process of requesting your credit.
  • Similar payment fees during the entire credit term.
  • Lowest fee rate.
  • Free accompaniment and workshops to facilitate the entrance into the labor market.

Take into account that the Program is operated by IPFE, an institution allied to the Wiese Foundation. If you want to know what the program finances, what are the conditions and benefits, among other questions, we invite you to follow the following link: