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Impact investing: What are they and how can they help startups?

What is impact investing? These are investments that are made with the intention of generating a social or environmental impact. Although they have a socio-environmental purpose, they are not donations, but investments, so they seek a return on capital.

How do impact investments happen?

In general, when a fund makes this type of investment, what it can do is grant it through various modalities. Some of these are:

  • Revolving Grant: This is a funding model in which donated funds are used to fund specific projects or initiatives, and then the financial returns generated by those projects are reinvested in similar activities.
  • Soft Loans: This is a type of loan that offers beneficial conditions for borrowers. For example, a lower interest rate or grace periods.
  • Grants: In this case, this is funding that has no expectation of repayment, so they are usually awarded to non-profit organizations.

How will this impact, invincibly solicitudes, with un appeared to give it to the kids?

Now that you know more about impact investing and the financing modalities it can provide, let’s talk about the benefits. We can list the following:

  1. They provide a stable, long-term source of funding for social enterprises, allowing them to grow, expand, and develop their operations.
  2. By having investors committed to social and environmental impact, social enterprises can attract additional talent and resources, such as mentorship, networking, and expertise.
  3. The endorsement of impact investors can validate the mission and business model of a social enterprise, increasing its credibility and trust among both investors and other market players.
  4. Impact investing typically requires social enterprises to measure and report social and environmental impact in a transparent and rigorous manner. This helps startups improve their effectiveness and demonstrate their impact in a convincing way.
  5. By combining the generation social and environmental impact with financial returns, impact investing can help social enterprises achieve greater long-term financial sustainability, reducing their reliance on donations and grants.

Impact investing: What are they and how can they help startups?

Entrepreneur Fund: Investing in companies with a social impact in Peru

The Entrepreneur Fund is the first impact investment fund in Peru led by a non-profit organization such as the Wiese Foundation, which seeks to contribute to the development of the country, through the financing of social enterprises, that are self-sustainable and with the potential to upscale, in early stages.

The call for applications to participate in the Fund is launched every three years. Currently, the second call has concluded, and the four winners are already in the acceleration stage, in which, in addition to receiving personalized accompaniment, training and professional advice free of charge, they have received the first disbursement of a total financing with S/150 thousand.

To learn more about the Entrepreneur Fund and to keep up to date with the next call for applications, visit this link!

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Impact investing: What are they and how can they help startups?
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