Learn about the good practices and trends of social entrepreneurship

28 Feb

Before learning about the practices and trends of social entrepreneurship, it would be ideal to know what the substantial difference is between a social entrepreneurship and a traditional one. Let’s start with the latter which is the most common and involves finding a business idea and carrying it out.

On the other hand, social entrepreneurship not only prioritizes the profitability of the business, but also aims to generate a solution that has an impact on collective well-being, with an active awareness of the social good and positive environmental impact.

Then, the difference, is directly related to the solution of some social problem. And what can these social and environmental problems could be?

Social problems may be related to education, health, human rights, pollution, extreme poverty, lack of access to basic services, etc. A social enterprise has to actively participate in addressing these problems, contributing to the sustainable development of the community in which it participates.

Trends in social entrepreneurships

Trends in social entrepreneurships

Today, social entrepreneurs are preparing to try to solve problems that the public sector (government), the market and traditional organizations cannot. In Peru, we have social enterprises that have achieved a significant impact over time and have forged new trends worthy of imitation and support. Let’s get to know some of them:

Estrafalario: empowers women, providing training so that they can participate in the manufacture of garments that will later be sold.

Empanacombi: generates jobs for people with disabilities in various culinary businesses (excellent fast food service).

Pixed: Peruvian company dedicated to the research and production of printed prostheses with 3D technology for people with disabilities.

Llama Pack Ventures: Creates job opportunities for local Cusco workers, making use of the flame as a cargo animal.

These are just a few examples of social enterprises that use or use market needs to achieve a social end.

We invite you to learn more about social entrepreneurship in this link: http://bit.ly/EntreFund