Wiese Foundation donates FiO2 gauges that are connected to the Wayrachis

Fundación Wiese dona medidores de FiO2 FW

Once again, the organization makes an important donation whose objective is to prevent patients with COVID-19 from having to go to Intensive Care Units. Committed to the fight against COVID-19, Wiese Foundation donated 13 FiO2 gauges, a delivery whose purpose is that the healthcare personnel be able to better manage the flow of oxygen received by their patients […]

Piql, one of the most important digital security companies worldwide, maintains an alliance with Wiese Foundation

Piql selected Wiese Foundation to be a part of a digital security pilot program that offers the conservation of up to 500 GB of valuable information. Safeguarding important and valuable information for the future of mankind is a great task that the Norwegian company Piql has assumed as an institutional purpose. Hence, they have developed an innovative technological solution […]

Wiñaypaq and Wiese Foundation, an alliance that seeks to revalue bilingual intercultural teaching in Cuzco

Educational Institution Wiñaypaq requires urgent actions in order not to paralyze its operations. Therefore, the help from Wiese Foundation is key and fundamental. Wiese Foundation, as part of the actions that it has been conducting in the country in favor of the most vulnerable Peruvians, maintains an alliance with Educational Institution Wiñaypaq, an institution that provides bilingual […]

Textiles that unite and teach: The recuperation of pre-Hispanic textile techniques as an educational tool and business opportunity for the district of Magdalena de Cao

Recuperar técnicas textiles prehispánicas, herramienta educativa y oportunidad de emprendimiento para Magdalena de Cao

Wiese Foundation and Estrafalario have been developing a social project for the recuperation of pre-Hispanic textile techniques inspired in the Lady of Cao, in order to reinsert into the current market this practically forgotten know-how. Since times immemorial, textiles have played a very important role among our ancestors, given that they were not only used […]

Wiese Foundation is part of the Agreement for Culture by 2030

Fundación Wiese forma parte del Pacto por la Cultura al 2030

Within the framework of the celebration of the bicentennial of Peru’s independence, the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO have created the Agreement for Culture by 2030, whose objective is to favor the exercise of cultural rights, as well as the protection of our heritage and the valuation of cultural diversity. This initiative convened the participation of […]

Wiese Foundation, UNMSM (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos), Antamina and the Ministry of Culture present a book by Julio C. Tello

In commemoration of the centennial of the first archaeological expedition to Chavín de Huántar and at the threshold of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru, we presented in the city of Lima the re-edition of the book Chavín, Cultura Matriz de la Civilización Andina (Chavín, Matrix Culture of the Andean Civilization) by Julio C. Tello, considered to […]