The importance of sexual education: Learn about the work of Juntas Perú

According to UNESCO figures, 66% of young people do not know how to prevent HIV transmission. Moreover, almost 70% of girls who had their first menstrual period didn’t know what was happening to their body at that time. These figures are a clear indicator that it is necessary for children and adolescents to have comprehensive and quality sex education.

In this publication, we will address the importance of this teaching and learning process and introduce you to a social project that promotes a safe and healthy integral sexuality in Latin America.

Defining comprehensive sex education

Definiendo la educación sexual integral

What does it mean for children and adolescents to learn about comprehensive sex education? Comprehensive sex education implies that children and adolescents acquire knowledge about various aspects of sexuality. According to UNESCO, this is achieved by implementing a comprehensive curriculum covering cognitive, psychological, physical and social aspects.

In this way, we seek to provide students with the necessary tools to enjoy good health, well-being and dignity. It is also intended that they acquire skills to establish social and sexual relationships based on mutual respect, and that they understand the repercussions of their decisions not only in their own lives, but also in those of others.

Why is it necessary for our children to receive comprehensive sex education?

nuestros hijos reciban educación sexual integral

It is vitally important that young people receive comprehensive sex education. Given that without it they are exposed to confusing and contradictory information, which can lead to uninformed decisions and risks to their health and well-being. Comprehensive sex education gives them tools to make informed decisions, fosters healthy relationships, and provides them with knowledge about preventing disease and unwanted pregnancies.

It also empowers them to confront gender-based violence and inequalities. Without this education, youngsters are at risk of adopting negative sexual behavior, exploitation and vulnerability. Comprehensive sex education is a right and a necessity for their healthy and satisfactory development.

Learn about Juntas, the social enterprise that fosters comprehensive sex education

el empresa social que fomenta la educación sexual integral

Founded in 2019 by María José Tamayo, Gabriela Delgado and Antonella Lavaggi, the objective of Juntas is to accompany and strengthen the upbringing and comprehensive sex education of adolescents, providing parents with the tools and support necessary to address the specific challenges that arise during this stage.

Aside from the three founders, they have a team of professionals who are experts in various topics, such as the body and its development, identity, emotions and interpersonal skills, among others. These specialists provide guidance on the concerns of parents of adolescents through their website Parenteen.

Since its creation, Juntas has carried out various actions to promote comprehensive sex education. During the pandemic, they hosted virtual workshops and donated menstrual kits to vulnerable populations, demonstrating their commitment to the health and well-being of adolescent girls. Moreover, they have strengthened their presence in digital channels, which has allowed them to reach a greater number of parents and confirm the relevance and usefulness of their initiative.

Juntas has achieved important results. To date, more than 14 thousand adolescents and parents have consulted on issues related to ESI through their digital platforms, and it has worked on social innovation projects with internationally recognized entities. The organization has extended its influence to 14 regions in Peru and has reached 5 countries in Latin America, thus expanding its impact and sharing its knowledge and resources in promoting comprehensive sex education.

Juntas is part of the social enterprises selected in the pre-acceleration stage of the Entrepreneur Fund

In the second drive for entries by the Entrepreneur Fund, a program of the Wiese Foundation that finances social enterprises with an impact in Peru, Juntas has moved on to the pre-acceleration stage which will allow it to evaluate in detail different aspects of its social enterprise through accompaniment, training and consulting with experts in business issues in order to strengthen its business model and present it to the investment team of the Entrepreneur Fund.

We invite you to learn more about the Entrepreneur Fund and the social enterprises selected here!

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