The Wiese Foundation addresses very urgent needs of MINSA (Ministry of Health) and ESSALUD (Social Health Security)

27 May

Almost since the beginning of the State of Emergency, the Wiese Foundations activated its Humanitarian Aid Program to provide relief and protection to the most vulnerable among those affected by the grave consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru: patients, physicians and healthcare personnel, vulnerable families and law-enforcement personnel.

This being a sanitary emergency, the help from the Wiese Foundation has focused mainly on taking into account the most urgent needs of the health sector, while addressing the direct requirements from MINSA and ESSALUD.

An important contribution for financing the purchase of up to 20 mechanic ventilators validated by MINSA and the immediate delivery of a first donation of pulse oximeters, blood pressure meters and stethoscopes requested by ESSALUD, for the care of COVID-19 patients at Villa Panamericana, marked the start of the campaign in the last days of last March.

Since then, the Wiese Foundation has been in permanent contact with MINSA and ESSALUD, providing them with support in order to fulfill in a swift and reliable way some very important needs for the protection of the medical staff that is combatting the virus on the front line of the battle, nationwide.

On that line, the Foundation has delivered 600 half-face respirators and 2400 filters for the protection of the physicians and healthcare staff of the Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU) and for the physicians of ESSALUD from Iquitos and Lima.  It has also committed the donation of 1000 coveralls and 375 face shields for the protection of the physicians who work at the Emergency Hospital of Villa El Salvador (HEVES) from MINSA; in the COVID-19 ward, there is a specialized area for the care of children.  Another 400 face shields will go to the healthcare staff from the Regional Hospital of Ica.

Recently, the Foundation has also fulfilled a special request from the physicians from ESSALUD from Ucayali and Iquitos, who requested urgently rubber boots; we delivered to them 1000 pairs, as well as 400 coveralls for the protection of the physicians who take care of COVID-19 patients.

Finally, the Wiese Foundation has just implemented the donation of 20,000 N95 respirators of the 3M brand, with NIOSH certifications, for the protection of our valuable health professionals, so that they may continue saving lives. If you want to learn more about the support that the Wiese Foundation provides through its Humanitarian Aid Program, go to: