The Wiese Foundation celebrates 60 years forging better citizens

29 Jan

In 1960, a renowned Peruvian philanthropist made his dream of seeking the common good, come true. Don Augusto N. Wiese Eslava, a trujillano (born in Trujillo) of sensitive soul established the Foundation that bears his name. This non-profit institution was born with the mission of doing the individual and collective right, through the support of education, the promotion of culture and scientific research, without neglecting aid to humanitarian causes in favor of the most vulnerable.

  • Committed for 60 years to the development of Peru, the Wiese Foundation believes in a better country, forged by better citizens; through its different programs, it mobilizes people and institutions to achieve this transformation:
  • El Brujo Archaeological Program: in alliance with the Ministry of Culture, the only one of its kind in Peru, the Wiese Foundation works on the research, conservation, enhancement, and dissemination of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. All this with the absolute conviction that the true development potential of Peru is linked to the proper management of its unique and valuable cultural heritage.
  • Educational Quality Program: The Wiese Foundation works with principals, principal’s assistants and teachers of public schools with the goal of improving significantly the school climate to favor the development of better teaching and learning.
  • Entrepreneurship Fund Program: The Entrepreneurship Fund is the platform created by the Wiese Foundation to promote innovation and social entrepreneurship in Peru; it is the vehicle through which the Wiese family crystallizes their desire to put their businesses and the Foundation, jointly and sustainably, at the service of the most vulnerable.
  • Educational Credit Program: offers talented and committed young students of technical careers, a financing scheme, support and strengthening of socio-emotional skills, oriented to support them in their personal and professional improvement efforts.
  • Humanitarian Aid Program: The Wiese Foundation activates, finances and promotes various initiatives aimed for vulnerable families, through which seeks to recognize a specific effort of these families in favor of their community and/or ecosystem, as well as alleviate their suffering in situations of emergencies or disasters.

Within the framework of the celebrations of this special year, the Foundation has programmed various activities that reaffirm its commitment to continue working for the common good of the country:

  • Presentation of the first portfolio of the Entrepreneur Fund: we begin the year with a story that fills us with emotion. After an intense and rigorous call and evaluation process, the Wiese Foundation begins this special year with the public presentation of the 4 social companies invited to be part of the first portfolio of the Entrepreneur Fund.
  • Beginning of the execution of the Oxl El Brujo Project: this is the first archaeological research, promotion, and dissemination project, financed through the “Works for taxes” mechanism. This project, which marks a milestone in the management of Peruvian archaeological heritage, will be carried out at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex from next February and for the next 21 months, approximately.
  • Re-edition of the iconic Peruvian archeology book: the Wiese Foundation, in alliance with the San Marcos National University and the Antamina Mining Company, will present the first re-edition of the Chavin book: Andean civilization’s matrix culture. This editorial project will be presented in March and will make available, once again, the knowledge collected as a result of the scientific research of Dr. Julio C. Tello in Chavín de Huántar, now considered a world heritage of humanity.
  • “Cooking a Better Life”: after leading a successful pilot last year, in 2020 the Foundation will formally launch the “Cooking a Better Life” humanitarian aid project, through which it seeks to recognize the commitment and effort of high-Andean rural Peruvian families who work to preserve their culture and their environment, as well as in favor of the development of their communities. Through the construction of improved kitchens in their homes, the Foundation will also contribute to permanently improve their life quality.
  • The inauguration of the civil remodeling work of the El Brujo archeological complex: in order to improve the quality of service to travelers, and to preserve at its best the cultural heritage under its custody, the Foundation undertook a series of civil works to completely remodel and retrofit El Brujo. These works culminate with the installation of new covers on the upper platform of the Huaca Cao and in the central courtyard.
  • VI International Archeology Colloquium: in August 2020 will be held the sixth edition of the recognized International Archeology Colloquium, which brings together specialists of a specific topic to discuss in a panel where attendees will have different views on the discussed subject.
  • We thank all the people with a good heart and our strategic allies who, day by day, help us fulfill our mission of transforming Peru into a country more equitable, supportive and fully-aware of its unique cultural identity.