Tourist places in La Libertad to visit in the summer

The region of La Libertad, in northern Peru, is a must-see destination for travelers looking for an experience that mixes history, culture, and a natural scenery during the summer. In this article, we present to you five tourist places in La Libertad that you can’t miss.

The El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Located in the district of Magdalena de Cao in La Libertad, this resort is a must-see destination for history and archaeology lovers. Through a sightseeing tour, you will be transported to the heart of the Mochica culture, one of the most fascinating civilizations of ancient America. In addition to various cultures that developed in the area, such as the Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca.

Moreover, the El Brujo Archaeological Complex has gained international recognition thanks to the exciting archaeological finds made in the region. One of the most prominent ones is that of the Lady of Cao, a figure of the Mochica elite whose exceptionally preserved mummification astonished the world and shed light on the role of women in the pre-Hispanic civilizations of this region. On the other hand, the Site Museum, opened in 2009, houses a rich collection of artifacts and offers a unique insight into life in ancient Peru.

In order to live an unforgettable experience, the Museum offers three attractive routes for all types of tourists: The classic route, which includes the Colonial Zone, the Huaca Cao Viejo and the Cao Museum; the mystical route, where this space dedicated to the Lady of Cao is recreated with symbolism and ceremonies that aim to seek symbolic contact with the magical-religious world; and the specialized route, focused on specialized travelers looking to learn more about culture, and especially about archaeology.

The Citadel of Chan Chan

Chan Chan is the largest adobe city in the Americas and a testament to the greatness of the Chimú culture. A visit here will allow you to wander through its intricate adobe constructions. Visit it and let yourself be amazed by an amazing architectural legacy.

Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna

Just thirty minutes away from the city of Trujillo, the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna are impressive Mochica remains and the ancient religious and administrative capital of this pre-Hispanic society. When visiting them, we recommend paying attention to their incredible colored reliefs and delving into their ancient meanings.

Seaside City of Huanchaco


If you’re looking to enjoy the sun and the sea, you can’t miss Huanchaco, the most important seaside city in northern Peru. In addition to being a perfect place for surfing, its surroundings offer you an exquisite marine gastronomic offer. The waves and the sea breeze will invite you to relax and enjoy the beach.

Magdalena de Cao

Magdalena de Cao

If you want to enjoy experiential tourism, Magdalena de Cao is your destination. The Plaza de Armas welcomes you with restaurants that serve delicious typical food and the traditional “one-year chicha” drink. On this tour, take the opportunity to explore the streets of the town, adorned with murals inspired by the Mochica culture, and visit the Casa de la Cultura to learn more about this fascinating civilization. 

It is time to start planning your summer vacation. Start with a trip to La Libertad to enjoy all these tourist attractions, the charming local tradition and to get closer to the vast history of our country. Remember that we serve the public Monday through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Admission ticket costs vary. National and foreign adults pay S/10.00, those over 60 years old, members of the military and teachers pay S/. 5.00, higher-level pupils and retirees pay S/. 5.00, children and schoolchildren pay S/ 1.00, while people with disabilities enter free of charge. Also, on December 3rd we will have the last Open Museums date of the year, with free admission and other activities. 

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Tourist places in La Libertad to visit in the summer
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