We conducted successfully the First Workshop for School Management “Toward Autonomy 2020”

12 Mar

In order to foster the transformation into a better school climate in the educational centers, the Wiese Foundation, through its Educational Quality Program, conducted the First Workshop for Management called “Toward Autonomy 2020”, attended by the directors from the schools of the project “Better school climate, better learning”, those in charge of the accompaniment, and Gnosis, a strategic ally of the foundation.

The workshop was conducted in Pachacámac, a district located south of Lima, which was scheduled for two days.  On the first day, there was a presentation of the results of 2019 regarding the project “Better school climate, better learning”, as well as the milestones to be followed for this year 2020.  We also shared the topic “The school that we aspire to” and dealt with the incorporation of the project linked to the school climate in the Institutional Educational Project (PEI, by its Spanish acronym), and the Annual Work Plan (PAT, by its Spanish acronym).

During the second day, we conducted the workshop on socio-emotional skills called “Our social impact and values approach” attended by the directors of the schools from the Educational Quality Program, aside from the accompaniers, whose input was substantial for its functioning.

Impacting lives in the classroom

During the workshop “Our social impact and values approach” we worked in a recreational way on aspects such as the changes that we wish to generate in the educational institutions, the identification of the sense and signature that we wish to impregnate, as well as the transformations to be undertaken, taking into account the reality and context in each school.

Thus, the Educational Quality Program was geared toward the core of its objective, which is to impact lives, and all the more when it comes to the lives of children and youngsters who deserve to live in a positive school climate that allows them to feel accompanied, safe, loved and calm.

The year of autonomy

Liliana Villanueva is the director of the Educational Quality Program, but she prefers to be called by her nickname “Pelusa”.  With great enthusiasm, she assures that during this year 2020 the Program geared to an autonomous work and the leadership of the directors, shall be reinforced.

“We are in the last year of the project “Better school climate, better learning”.  We have called it the Year of Autonomy, because we are interested in leaving the abilities installed in the schools and that each director may lead this project that includes the accompaniment, the development of socio-emotional skills and the work with the parents.”

As is well known, the emotional climate in the classroom is a fundamental factor in the learning process of children and youngsters.  In an environment of trust and respect, communication, free expression, exploration, discovery and games arise naturally and spontaneously, thus facilitating the generation of new learning.

The strategy of the program has the school at the core of its implementation, prioritizing the continuous training of the working teachers, through localized training.

If you wish to learn more about the Educational Quality Program, we invite you to follow this link:  https://www.fundacionwiese.org/en/educational-quality