What are the Sustainable Development Goals and what is the Wiese Foundation’s commitment to achieving them?

We live in an interconnected world, where global challenges require responses at the global level. In this context, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stand as a beacon of hope and guidance, providing concrete guidance for building a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, established by United Nations Member States, address crucial global challenges, such as eradicating poverty, protecting the environment, and promoting equality. They were designed to foster collaboration at the global level and aim to achieve compliance by 2030. Aside from serving as a global roadmap, these goals act as a planning and monitoring tool at both the national and local levels, assessing progress in key areas and focusing on the interconnectedness of global challenges.

What is the Wiese Foundation’s commitment to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals?

We, the Wiese Foundation, are an organization that has been actively committed to the promotion and fulfillment of several of the SDGs. Our approach is reflected in our four programs, through which we develop various projects and concrete initiatives that are aligned with these objectives.

Here, we share some of them with you:

Quality Education

Within the wide range of actions and goals pursued by our foundation’s Educational Quality Program, the “School and Identity” project occupies a fundamental place. This project stands as the cornerstone of our mission, contributing significantly to Sustainable Development Goal number 4: “Quality Education”.

The Educational Quality Program has committed to improving education in Peru in various dimensions, including teacher professional development, the creation of effective educational resources, the promotion of innovative approaches to teaching, and equity in access to learning opportunities. As part of the program, the “School and Identity” project stands out, due to its direct impact on the experience of pupils and teachers.

This project is designed to improve the school climate and strengthen the pupils’ sense of belonging to the educational community and the territory. At the Wiese Foundation, we understand that a positive school environment and a strong connection to local identity are critical to the pupils’ educational success. By promoting a school environment in which the pupils feel valued and connected to their environment, with “School and Identity” we contribute not only to the emotional well-being of pupils, but also to their academic performance and civic commitment.

Social impact and entrepreneurship

Social impact and entrepreneurship

Our foundation’s Entrepreneur Fund Program focuses on generating meaningful social impact by supporting and strengthening social enterprises throughout the country. Our main goal is to promote community well-being and sustainable economic development through the growth and strengthening of these enterprises.

Through this program, we select enterprises that not only seek commercial success, but also have a strong commitment to the well-being of society as a whole. These enterprises not only receive funding: they also benefit from strategic advice and personalized training. This initiative strengthens business management and contributes to the generation of quality and sustainable employment, which, in turn, boosts economic growth and improves the quality of life of the communities impacted by it.

Attending to vulnerable communities

Our Humanitarian Aid Program is dedicated to alleviating suffering and addressing the needs of vulnerable communities confronting emergencies and disasters. In an effort to mitigate the inequalities caused by such circumstances, we allocate resources to assistance campaigns that focus on providing essential support in critical times.

Alliances with various institutions to achieve goals

institutions to achieve goals

We have established valuable partnerships with various institutions of great relevance, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, collaborating closely with them to address important challenges in areas such as health, education and cultural promotion.

We have also forged a strong relationship with the Regional Government of La Libertad and the Regional Directorate of Education of La Libertad, working jointly to promote quality education and the reduction of inequalities in the region.

Moreover, our partnership with the League Against Cancer reflects our commitment to the health and well-being of the community. On the other hand, through our collaboration with the Peruvian Economic Culture Fund and the Wiñaypaq Educational Association, we contribute to cultural enrichment and the preservation of the heritage.

Furthermore, our alliance with UTEC Ventures and W CAPITAL allows us to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. While our link with UNESCO Peru expands our impact in various areas of development. These strategic alliances reflect our firm commitment to improving the quality of life and progress in the region.

In tune with the Sustainable Development Goals, at the Wiese Foundation we maintain a firm commitment to our mission of working tirelessly so that better citizens can be the builders of the Peru of the future. Our programs and partnerships reflect this dedication to promoting quality education, fostering entrepreneurship, caring for vulnerable communities, and collaborating with various institutions. Your participation is essential to making this vision of a stronger, more egalitarian and sustainable Peru a reality. Together, we will forge a better tomorrow for all.

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What are the Sustainable Development Goals and what is the Wiese Foundation's commitment to achieving them?
We live in an interconnected world, where global challenges require responses at the global level. In this context, the Sustainable...