What is the importance of non-profit organizations?

24 Mar

In a faraway town of the Cuzco highlands, humble families who used to cook amid the soot now have improved kitchens that have made it possible for their lives to be healthier.  At the same time, in the capital, a young student lady who was about to drop out of her studies due to a lack of money, gives her mother a strong hug when she learns that she can receive financial support with which she may accomplish the dream of becoming a professional.  Up north, in the coastal area, a farmer father in distress because the flood from the river washed away his adobe house and ruined his crops, finds a light of hope when he sees the humanitarian help that comes to alleviate his suffering.

It is in these most difficult situations that we need the support of a friendly and helping hand:  someone who motivates us to come out of the hole and drives us to move forward, with a hopeful encouragement.  Something similar happens with the presence of non-profit organizations, since they provide support to those who need it.  They do not pursue an economic benefit, but, rather, seek a social, altruistic, humanitarian and communal objective. Today, in this world plagued with selfishness and banalities, the presence of these organizations has become more than necessary.

Importance of non-profit organizations

Generally speaking, the reasons that motivate the formation of this type of organization are of a philanthropic nature, and are focused on help in areas pertaining to education, culture, research and the protection of persons and the environment.  This type of institution is almost always financed thanks to their own funds or donations derived from persons or organizations of all kinds.

We can say that non-profit organizations have the same purpose of cooperation, mutual help and social wellbeing.  Many of them have a specific focus on certain collectives or persons with special needs or in vulnerable situations (children, the elderly, delinquent groups, the unemployed, etc.).

They change lives

Non-profit organizations transform the lives of people, for the better.  They give them the opportunity to grow and make them feel that they are not alone.  These characteristics drive them to renew their life plans, including as well those of their families.

Non-profit institutions such as the Wiese Foundation in Peru generate the conditions that are necessary for promoting growth and social development.  Under the values of identity, solidarity and equity:  the Wiese Foundation promotes educational, cultural and innovative programs with a high social impact, through long-term strategic alliances and a work team that is committed and competent.  Among its help programs, it has the Educational Credit Fund that supports students of technical professions from Senati Lima and Fondo Emprendedor that promotes social companies in order to generate their commercial scaling.

We invite you to learn more about the Wiese Foundation and its work in favor of vulnerable communities, here: