feria escuela e identidad con fundación wiese

Wiese Foundation hosted first “School and Identity” fair

On Saturday, November 6, the first School and Identity Fair was hosted at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. This important event solidified the ties between education and culture, celebrating the learning of students, teachers, and community members.

14 schools presented their learning projects

proyectos de aprendizajes

The Wiese Foundation, through its El Brujo Archaeological Project and Educational Quality programs, made this first Fair possible, with the participation of 14 focus schools in Ascope, La Libertad.

At the fair, 16 learning projects designed and carried out by students, along with their teachers and knowledgeable community members, were presented.

Thanks to this event, the connection between students and teachers and their land, with help from wise members of the community, was strengthened, fomenting a sense of belonging and awareness of their cultural heritage, strengthening their interculturality and active citizenship, and offering development opportunities for their environment.

A space for learning and cultural activities

actividades culturales en El Brujo

The fair coincided with the Museums Day, so the entire local community could access the El Brujo Archaeological Complex for free. Furthermore, the people who attended could participate in various activities, such as in-person mini-workshops about Lambayeque burials,  workshops on ceramics for children, and traditional dancing, under the direction of the Ascopan Feeling Cultural Association.

Collaborative project to benefit education and cultural identity

Trabajo colaborativo en beneficio la educación

This important event celebrated the ties between education and culture. Furthermore, it saw the participation of important authority figures and representatives such as Oster Paredes Fernández, regional manager of education for La Libertad, Ananías Carranza, director of UGEL Ascope, and Ingrid Claudet, general manager of the Wiese Foundation. These institutions have been working together for the sustainable development of the region.

The Wiese Foundation’s work for a better school atmosphere

Since 2022, the Wiese Foundation, through its School and Identity project, has been working to improve the climate in the schools within the area of influence of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, seeking to improve pedagogical practices, making them more democratic and relevant, through mentoring teachers.

Simultaneously, through a formative process of self-awareness, the development of socioemotional skills is promoted through workshops. The Wiese Foundation thanks the 14 schools and the teachers, students, and community members of Ascope for making possible this valuable space of learning and culture. We invite you to learn more about the School and Identity project here.

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