Your solidarity keeps warm: This is how the campaign against the cold wave in the Highlands ended

31 Aug

The inhabitants of eight communities in Huancavelica felt the warmth of the solidarity of the “Your solidarity keeps warm” campaign, organized by the Wiese Foundation and the ADRA Peru NGO. They were the last beneficiaries of an initiative whose mission was to protect children and the elderly from the cold wave that affects the high Andean populations of Peru.

Faced with this adverse scenario, the cold wave that caused the death of 700 people due to pneumonia, the Wiese Foundation, ADRA Peru, Panamericana and the Peruvian Army joined forces to carry out the “Your solidarity keeps warm” campaign, which succeeded in supplying with sweaters, hats, scarves, blankets and gloves the members of the poorest and most remote communities in Peru.


The first delivery was made in Puno, where it was possible to provide warm clothing to 800 children and 200 older adults. The warm clothing kits were delivered in coordination with the Regional Emergency Operations Centers (COER). The deliveries were made directly by ADRA, through its volunteers, and supervised by the WIESE FOUNDATION.

In order to contribute to the economy and the generation of employment, the warm clothing kits were purchased directly in the area. “I feel free and happy with what they have given me. I used to cover myself only with a blanket. I was very cold. Now that they have given us warm clothing, I’m going to wear it so that I don’t get sick” said an eleven-year-old girl benefiting from this campaign.

The members of the army, who accompanied the nonprofit organizations and Panamericana TV, also provided medical care to the eight communities. The children were the ones who were most grateful for the initiative; they smiled as they returned home with their warm clothing kit under their arm. Once again, Peruvians showed that solidarity is the attitude that defines them.