About the project


The general objective of the project “Better school climate; better learning” is to significantly improve the institutional and classroom climate and, thus favor the development of better teaching and learning processes in all curricular areas.


The project’s strategy has the school as the center of its implementation, privileging the continuous training of teachers in service, through a located training.


The Wiese Foundation Educational Quality Program “Better school climate, better learning” is organized into the following four components:

Project Schools

6006 - Virgen de Lourdes

Director: Miguel Ángel Isusquiza

6007 - Pachacamac

Director: Antero Chapoñan

7078 - Virgen de Chapi

Director: Hilda Salcedo Romani

7104 - Ramiro Prialé

Director: Ana María Huyhua

6055 - Virgen de Fátima

Director: Alejandrina Mota Chiara

6061 - Coronel Francisco Bolognesi

Director: Gloria Valverde Ayala

7264 - Manuel Valle y Valle

Director: Rosa Tello Ríos

6012 - Rinconada

Director: Esmeralda Campos La Rosa

7239 - Santísimo Salvador

Director: Sonia Celia Quispe Tacuri

6100 - Santa María Reyna

Director: Rosa Rondinel Carrillo

6028 - Juan Velasco Alvarado

Director: Antonio Vara Pérez

6016 - Jesús Salvador

Director: Hilda Zambrano