Series of Educational Dialogues

Taking on the challenge of getting involved with the world of education, setting the goal of facilitating learning or running a school, is not simple: there are no unique truths. There are many trends, positions, theories about how to make a quality and equitable education a reality. Educational dialogues seek to contribute to this deliberation. These are conversations with specialists, with teachers, with principals about a subject. Therefore, they are organized in series; for example, we had a series of Critical Thinking, reasoning and creativity, and another series about Emotions, good school climate and learning.

Series: Movement, breathing and meditation

The Wiese Foundation presents the series Movement, breathing and meditation, inspired by a pilot experience, conducted in 9 public schools during 2019, and motivated by the great need that teachers across the country have for mental self-care spaces and emotional, given the demands imposed by distance education and the health emergency. Through this new series of 5 videos, we want to offer all our audiences the demonstration of a series of simple and practical techniques to calm, activate, release, inspire and thank. We will be guided by Fernanda de la Puente, Yivamukti yoga instructor, who has generously made this contribution possible.

Series: Strengthening Social-Emotional Skills in Challenging Times

The current situation has generated several challenges for our managers and teachers in relation to the fulfillment of their functions in the Educational Institution in the midst of social isolation and distance education. These challenges are diverse, demanding and urgent, and in several cases they have a negative impact on the emotional well-being of managers and teachers. We present the series of videos "Strengthening societal skills in challenging times", developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, which presents real situations that managers and teachers go through at this time and the emotions they generate. In addition, it proposes concrete alternatives for its proper management, generating a space for reflection and another for recommendations by a specialist on the subject.

Family Series: Safe Environments

The Wiese Foundation works so that better citizens forge a better Peru, where respect for everyone is the fundamental pillar. The Wiese Foundation creates this digital space that consists of 13 chapters to give tools to parents to help them establish safe environments for their families.

Growing Among Teachers Series

Committed to the teachers of Peru, the Wiese Foundation creates a digital space that consists of 13 chapters, to be able to reflect on the challenges and emotions of the teachers in the current situation.