In this venue you will find audio material from the Wiese Foundation podcast. These resources were crafted for teachers and parents.

Podcast: Families, Safe Environments

Wiese Foundation thrives so that better citizens may forge the Peru of the future, where respect for each other is the fundamental pillar. Wiese Foundation has created this digital venue to provide tools to parents, which may help them to establish safe environments for their families.

Podcast: Strengthening socioemotional skills in challenging times

The current context has generated several challenges for our managers and teachers in relation to the fulfillment of their functions in the Educational Institution in the midst of social isolation and distance education. These challenges are various, demanding and urgent, and in several cases they generate a negative impact on the emotional wellbeing of managers and teachers. We offer the video series "Strengthening socioemotional skills in challenging times", developed jointly with the Ministry of Education, which presents real situations that managers and teachers go through in these moments, and the emotions they generate. It also proposes concrete alternatives for their adequate handling, generating one venue for reflection and another venue for recommendations handled by a specialist in the matter.

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