Entrepreneurial Fund

It invests in and promote endeavors with clear potential for growth, self-sustainability and social impact, whose mission is to address a relevant social problem in the country.

Meet the Fund


The Solidarity Fund for Social Endeavor (ENTREPRENEURIAL FUND) of the Wiese Foundation is an Impact Investment platform that seeks to identify and boost duly incorporated companies in Peru that:

(1) have been created with the mission of addressing a social problem that is relevant for the most vulnerable communities, through their commercial operations,

(2) are in the early stages of their operation; that is, prior to their commercial scaling,

(3) can prove some evidence of the success of their business model, in terms of the potential for economic growth, self-sustainability and social impact.

The social endeavors selected to be part of the Portfolio of the ENTREPRENEURIAL FUND will receive specialized advice and customized financing (soft loans, revolving donations and grants), for a maximum period of 30 months, against formal commitments of commercial scalability, self-sustainability and social impact.

NESsT: It is the ally selected by the Wiese Foundation to operate the Entrepreneurial Fund, responsible for managing the drive, due diligence and advice/accompaniment during the portfolio stage. NESsT is an international organization that supports and invests in social enterprises that generate employment and improve income for people in vulnerable situations. NESsT has supported 14,000 organizations in 55 countries to evaluate, identify and develop sustainable business models.
If you want to learn more about NESsT, enter here.

The entrepreneurial fund process


3 months

General drive and admission of applications

from November 15, 2018 to February 22, 2019


6 months

Applications in Due Diligence stage

November 2019 - Dicember 2019


24 months

Applications in the Portfolio stage

February 2020 - February 2021

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