How can you achieve your goals with the wiese foundation educational credit?

28 Feb

Joselyn Chaña is a young enthusiast who, with her own and their parent’s effort, was able to enter to study at SENATI, an educational institution specialized in training in industrial work. She chose the career of Environmental Technologies because from a young age she was always concerned about the care of the environment. However, as the third cycle was about to culminate, the money at home began to be lacking.

The financial situation worsened to such an extent that for her to study the fourth cycle became impossible. Then, that joy that always characterized her, began to blur in her face. We had to stop studying to get to work, like thousands of young Peruvians who abandon their dreams to take charge of a harsh reality.

But Joselyn was haunted by another fate. One day looking for a solution to the problem he found a name on the internet: Wiese Foundation, a nonprofit organization that had a program called Educational Credit, which helped fund the studies of low-income youth. Immediately, Joselyn took the information and went to ask the SENATI tutors who, aware of the program, reached her a number of WhatsApp. She contacted the Wiese Foundation and, within a few minutes, they kindly responded to her, informing her of the requirements and documentation she had to submit. Instantly, with the heart overflowing with faith, she gathered his papers and presented them to the institution. After being evaluated, Joselyn was selected as a beneficiary of the Program. From that moment, the joy was redrawn on his face. The uncertainty that once overwhelmed her became a breath of hope. She may not know, but the day she graduates will not only have been a personal triumph, but Peru will have won a good professional and a better citizen.

If you were interested in Joselyn’s story and want to access the Wiese Foundation Educational Credit Program, then continue to pay attention to this note.

wiese foundation educational credit

What is the educational credit program?

The Wiese Foundation’s Educational Credit Program, in partnership with IPFE, is aimed at students in 4th and 5th semesters, of Technical Careers of SENATI, who offer them the financing of the second half of their career.

The Program handles social conditions of credit, that is, it seeks to adapt the monthly disbursements that its beneficiaries must make to pay for their studies (extending up to double the months to pay), to their actual payment possibilities, with cost rates Social.

It also offers its beneficiaries workshops aimed at the development of their socio-emotional skills, as well as a system of accompaniment and permanent emotional support, until the completion of their studies.

If you are a student of SENATI Lima and you are between the 4th and 5th semester of any career, contact 984651848 for personalized counseling, or log in to  and learn how to be part of the Program.